Who am I?

Hey, I'm Tanvir. I'm a Masters Mechanical Engineer by academia, Cyber Security Consultant by profession and a Tech enthusiast at heart. I have for years, through my degree and now my full-time job, analysed how technology enables the world to solve yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's problems as well as the risks involved with the challenges. I've worked with world leading businesses to reform their organisation to incorporate state of the art technology as well as writing think tank-like pieces about the new risks and challenges in technology industry that my clients face. Basically, for the last 5 years or so, my job has been to understand not only the technology capabilities and how people use tech, but also the bigger picture, and how design decisions in any project can affect the surroundings in the immediate and long term. 

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In Tanvir Talks I break down today's technology problems and questions being asked into digestible chunks so that you can understand and form an opinion of your own. Technology and news can be intimidating, I get it. There is so much jargon thrown around everywhere and half the time you probably don't even know how it affects you. But this is where I come in! I'll be exploring these issues with you (if you subscribe) through my monthly newsletter where I go into a deeper dive about the current developments in the tech industry. I assume no knowledge, and you will walk away with an insight and foundation in the current issues we as humanity face. I also have a podcast where I, along with my co-host and friend Ehsan, talk about the current tech news and politics. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast here.

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